Canada 3 Big Announcement for All Visas

Canada 3 Big Announcement for All Visas. Hello everyone, welcome to the Legal Youtuber channel. I hope you are all doing well. If you are planning to apply for a student visa, work permit, visitor visa, or Permanent Residency in Canada in the coming days, Then this Article is going to be very important for you. There are three major announcements for everyone regarding Canada, so let’s get started. My name is Raziq and I am presenting this Article for the Legal Youtuber channel. Let’s begin.

Canada 3 Big Announcement for All Visas: First Update

Canada announced in 2022 that it would allow work permits, allowing more than 200,000 people to benefit from this program. Now, Canada has officially announced that they have started this program, allowing more than 200,000 people to get benefits.

Previously, only those who were working in Canada could bring their spouse with them. However, they could only do so if they had a stable job and if their work was either highly skilled or highly educated.

But with this new update, Canada’s IRCC has abolished these requirements. Now, even if you don’t have a high level of education or you are not a skilled worker, you can still bring your spouse or dependents to Canada with a work permit, without having to meet any other requirements. This is a huge relief for many families who have dependents in Canada. This is because the IRCC is facing a shortage of labor and has therefore made these relaxations.

Before these rules, couples often faced many difficulties. But now, no family has to face these problems anymore.

Important Attention:

Whenever good news like this comes out, many agents become active in Pakistan and India. After this announcement, many agents are saying that the IRCC will issue 200,000 work permits and they can easily get one for you. However, please do not fall for these claims as they may not be true. I am only sharing the real news with you.

Let’s talk about the second update, which is regarding Express Entry.

As you all know, Express Entry draws were temporarily suspended, but recently, two draws have been conducted and a large number of Invitations to Apply (ITA) were sent. However, Canada IRCC has recently announced that they will soon start conducting specific occupation draws.

What benefits have been gained from this?

When Express Entry draws are conducted for all programs, they are based solely on the CRS score, and only those with the highest scores receive ITA. But with the specific draws, those with occupations in high demand in Canada will now benefit even if their score is not the highest. This is because competition in their category has decreased, thus increasing their chances.

Additionally, I have created a detailed video on the occupations that could be covered in the draw. You should also check if your occupation is included in the list.

Dear friends, recently the Canadian IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) introduced a new policy called “Visitor to Work Permit”. The deadline for this policy is ending in February, but there is a high chance that the Canadian IRCC will extend this policy. This is great news for all of you. Canada’s immigration target is focused on everyone, whether they are students, work permit holders, or visitors. Those who are already in Canada and those who plan to visit will benefit from this target. The main aim for anyone who visits Canada is to settle down permanently. When compared to other countries, settling in Canada is much easier due to the IRCC’s immigration programs. This is why the yearly immigration target is a huge benefit for everyone.

Canada IRCC’s initial target for the provisional year was 431,000, but they have already issued over 6,000 PRs, which is a significant achievement. This year’s target is even higher and IRCC is consistently increasing the target year after year, which is a great advantage for those who are planning to settle in Canada in the future.

In addition, IRCC recently announced two relaxations for visitors who had visa application backlogs. These relaxations include:

  1. Applications will not be refused due to funding reasons.
  2. Visas will not be rejected based on the purpose of the visit.

A third relaxation may also be announced. However, no final update has been received yet, but IRCC could Canada 3 Big Announcement for All Visas announce the 3 major updates by the end of February, which will bring great benefits to the people.

What is Canada’s immigration target for this year?

Canada’s immigration target for this year has not been officially announced yet. However, based on past trends, it is expected to be higher than in previous years.

How does Canada’s immigration target benefit individuals?

The higher immigration target helps individuals, both those already in Canada and those planning to immigrate, to have better chances of settling in Canada. Compared to other countries, Canada has a relatively easier settlement process, making it an attractive destination for immigrants.

What is the visitor-to-work permit policy introduced by Canada IRCC?

The visitor-to-work permit policy is a recent initiative by Canada IRCC that allows individuals with visitor visas to apply for work permits while in Canada. This policy has a deadline of February, with a high probability of extension.

What are the two relaxations offered to individuals with visitor visa applications that are backlogged?

The two relaxations offered to individuals with backlogged visitor visa applications are:
1. Their application will not be refused due to funding reasons.
2. Their application will not be rejected due to the purpose of their visit.

What is the third relaxation offered by Canada IRCC?

The third relaxation offered by Canada IRCC has not been officially announced yet. It is expected to be revealed by the end of February.

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