Canada Immigration Application Processing Time | Canada Visa Updates 2023

Recently, Canada’s immigration department, IRCC, has released some major Canada Visa Updates for everyone. If you are planning to go to Canada in the near future or thinking about moving to Canada, then this article is going to be very important for all of you.

Firstly, the article covers an update regarding the Canada Immigration New Pathway, which was launched by the immigration minister. Secondly, the article discusses the minimum wage rate update. Thirdly, the article talks about the latest processing time and how to check the results. The article also provides information on who can expect their results in the upcoming days. Lastly, the article covers an update on work permits. It is highly recommended to read the article till the end as it contains several important updates.

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Canada Visa Updates 1st Update is Visa Processing Time

This is because all things depend on processing time. Many visa applications faced a lot of issues in the past and took a long time to process, whether it was a visitor visa, student visa, or work permit.

In the past, visa applications were taking a long time to process. New applications were receiving results, but old applications were stuck for a long time without any progress.

However, as March approaches, the speed of receiving results has significantly increased. At the moment, all visa applications are receiving results at a much faster pace.

Visitor visa

However, there is another piece of good news for visitor visa applicants at the moment. The processing time for a visitor visa has finally been reduced to 37 days, which is a significant update. It means that the processing time for a Canada visitor visa has started to come back to its normal processing time by 90%.

As the immigration minister mentioned in his last interview, he is trying to bring the processing time back to normal. Finally, we can see that it has started to happen.

Now, those who want to apply for a visitor visa can expect their results within 30 to 40 days. However, for those who are thinking that the results will come positive and fast, it is important to clarify that the success rate has increased, but it does not mean that every profile will receive a positive result. The results always depend on your profile and not just the processing time or success rate.

Super Visa

Additionally, if we talk about the Super Visa processing time, it has also been reduced this time around.

Family Class

Furthermore, if we talk about the Family Class visa applicants, their processing time has also been reduced. As the immigration minister mentioned in his interview, at the moment, they are focusing more on student and family visas.

So, at the moment, the Family Class visa applicants are receiving their results at a good speed.

Work Permit and Student visa

Moreover, if we talk about the Work Permit and Student Visa categories, at the moment, the results are being received at a much faster pace in both of these categories.

Now, as we approach the end of March, processing times for all categories are gradually returning to normal. About 80% to 90% of processing times have returned to normal, and the remaining 10% to 20% is expected to return to normal in the coming days.

If you apply for a visitor visa, student visa, or work permit in the upcoming days, you can expect to receive your results within a month.

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Canada Visa Updates 2nd Update Is Announce New PR Pathway On March 27

Friends, as you all know, there is a significant shortage of labor in Canada at this time. Keeping this in mind, the Canadian Immigration Minister has decided to launch a new PR pathway.

Finally, the new PR pathway called Federal Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP) has been launched by the Canadian Immigration Minister, considering the shortage of labor in Canada.

Friends, this pathway is now available under the Federal Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP).

This Pathway was released by the Canadian Immigration Minister during his press conference yesterday.

In their press conference yesterday, the Canadian Immigration Minister announced that this pathway would provide significant assistance to employers in hiring skilled workers and displaced persons.

Additionally, during the press conference, the Canada Immigration Minister discussed some high-demand occupations which are:

1. Nurse aids
2. Personal Support workers
3. Long Term care Aids
4. Software engineers
5. Web designers
6. Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
7. Technicians
8. Teachers
9. Tourism and Hospitality workers
10. Truck and Delivery service drivers

So, there are 10 occupations that have been given the highest priority in this pathway. Through this pathway, employers can hire high-quality workers. In the coming days, a detailed article will be made on this pathway explaining how to apply for it.

Canada Visa Updates 3rd Update Is Minimum Wage Rate Update

The minimum wage rate is an important rule that affects everyone, whether they are visitors, students, or work permit holders. Recently, the Canada IRCC has increased the minimum wage rate, which will result in an increase in salaries for all workers.

Many people have observed that whenever the wage rate increases, the rates of all other things are also increased.

However, increasing the wage rate has provided a significant boost to both local and international workers.

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