How To Get Job Offer In Canada (Step by Step)

If you are thinking about applying for a job in Canada or wondering how to get job offer in Canada, you are in the right place. Today, I will share my complete experience of getting a job offer in Canada and what you need to do to get one.

While there are many websites on the internet that may have already shared various ways to achieve your goal, today I will share some ways that have a 100% success rate.

If you completely follow them, you will soon be able to get job offer in Canada. However, you will need to work hard because there is no job that does not require hard work. Hard work is essential if you want to get job offer in Canada.

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How To Get Job Offer In Canada From Outside

Before I share all the ways, you need to know what documents you need to have to get job offer in Canada easier. If you do not have these documents, you will not be able to get job offer in Canada.

Although having more documents is better, I will mention the most essential and recommended documents, so you know which documents are absolutely necessary to have to get job offer in Canada.

Requirements for Canada Job Offer?

  • Canadian Format Resume (Recommend)
  • Cover Letter (Recommend)
  • Ielts
  • Previous Employment Proof (Recommend)
  • Passport (Recommend)

Canadian Format Resume

Having a Canadian-format resume is very important. If you send your resume to employers without the Canadian format, you will not receive a response. This is why it is essential to have a Canadian-format resume.

When creating your resume in Canadian format, you need to pay special attention to the NOC code and make sure your occupation is accurately reflected in your resume. I have already written a great article on this topic, which you can check out.

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Cover Letter

Once you have created your Canadian-format resume, you will also need to prepare a cover letter. When applying for a job, you must tailor your cover letter to the specific job you are applying for.

If you send the same cover letter to all employers without making any changes, you will not receive a response. Your cover letter should demonstrate that you have prepared it specifically for the job you are applying for.


Although an IELTS requirement is not mandatory, some employers may ask you to have it. However, more than 50% of employers do not require IELTS. Having an IELTS certificate can be a plus point for getting a job offer in Canada.

Previous Employment Proof

When you submit a job application to any employer in Canada, they will likely ask for previous employment proof to ensure that you have prior experience in the field. This will help the employer to trust that you have worked in this field before or not.

High Demand and Salary Range Occupation

There are some occupations in Canada that are in high demand. If your occupation is on this list, then it will be easier for you to get job offer in Canada. However, if your occupation is not on the list, it doesn’t mean that you cannot get a job. You just need to work a little harder to find a job.

Designation Latest NOC CodeOld NOC CodeLowHigh
Software EngineerNOC 21231NOC 2173$ 29.54$ 72.12
Computer Network TechnicianNOC 22220NOC 2281$ 19.23$ 49
Database administratorNOC 21223NOC 2172$ 23.08$ 56.41
Business Analyst, ITNOC 21221NOC 2171$ 25$ 61.54
Engineer, network systemsNOC 21311NOC 2147$ 25.96$ 65.13
Computer systems analystNOC 21222NOC 2171$ 25$ 61.54
Data entry operatorNOC 14111NOC 1422$ 14.42$ 33
Computer ProgrammerNOC 21230NOC 2174$ 23.6$ 58.97
Network AdministratorNOC 22220NOC 2281$ 19.23$ 49
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)NOC 00012NOC 0013$ 32.88$ 96.15
Information OfficerNOC 11202NOC 1123$ 18$ 52.88
Software developerNOC 21232NOC 2174$ 23.6$ 58.97
Information Technology (IT) development managerNOC 20012NOC 0213$ 34.86$ 76.92
ArchitectNOC 21200NOC 2151$ 24$ 60
DevOps EngineerNOC 21231NOC 2173$ 29.54$ 72.12
Help desk technicianNOC 22221NOC 2282$ 17.5$ 47.6
Sales AssistantNOC 64100NOC 6421$ 13$ 25
Sales EngineerNOC 62100NOC 6221$ 17.4$ 43.27
Account ExecutiveNOC 11201NOC 1122$ 23.08$ 62.5
Inside Sales RepresentativeNOC 64100NOC 6421$ 13$ 25
Sales and marketing managerNOC 10022NOC 0124$ 24.36$ 74.36
Store manager – retailNOC 60020NOC 0621$ 18.46$ 69.23
Sales EngineerNOC 62100NOC 6221$ 17.4$ 43.27
Market Development ManagerNOC 10022NOC 0124$ 24.36$ 74.36
Export sales managerNOC 60010NOC 0601$ 27.4$ 87.18
Area Sales ManagerNOC 60010NOC 0601$ 27.4$ 87.18
Account ManagerNOC 11102NOC 1114$ 21.63$ 62.5
CashierNOC 65100NOC 6611$ 13$ 17
Construction WorkerNOC 75110NOC 75110$ 15$ 15

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How To Get Job Offer In Canada Best Ways

  1. Apply for Jobs on Local websites.
  2. Target Companies.
  3. Hire Requirement agencies
  4. Relatives
  5. PR Programs
  6. Social Media

Apply for Jobs on Local websites

Looking for jobs on local websites is a great way to find employment in any country. However, it requires a lot of hard work on your part.

Nowadays, many people apply for 10 to 20 jobs but become demotivated when they don’t receive any job offers or employer responses.

When my friend started looking for a job in Canada, I didn’t think he would find one. However, my friend applied to 100 to 150 jobs and received responses from only three employers, one of whom eventually hired him.

So, my friends, you should also apply to as many jobs as possible to increase your chances of getting a response.

Now, I’m going to provide a list of the best local job websites in Canada.

  1. Job Bank
  2. Indeed
  3. monster

Target Companies

Now, you need to target companies to obtain a job. First, you need to look for companies related to your occupation on Google. Then, you should visit their websites and directly contact them, sending your resume.

This way, you may be able to find a job quickly, and there’s no need to worry about receiving a response because companies usually respond to inquiries made directly on their websites.

Hire Recruitment Agencies

If you have tried many things but still haven’t received a response, then you should hire recruitment agencies. In Canada, the job of recruitment agencies is to find a job for you. They can help you with your job search.

However, this way, you may not be able to get your dream job because the agency will offer you the available jobs that match your profile and are available in Canada. Later on, you can search for your dream job on your own.

The advantage of recruitment agencies is that they work hard to find a job for you. When they offer you a job, you will need to pay them a service charge. Similarly, the employer also pays the recruitment agency a service charge for hiring a worker.

These agencies earn a lot of money through these service charges.


If you have a relative in Canada, you can ask them to help you apply for jobs in your target companies. Alternatively, if your relative works somewhere, they may be able to hire you for any available job.

Many people obtain job offers in Canada with the help of their relatives. This is a great way to find job offers.

PR Programs

Whenever Canada Immigration releases its latest programs, some designated employers participate and you can approach them for job offers. This can also benefit you as if a designated employer offers you a job, you can easily obtain Canada PR. However, this option is not very easy.

Social Media

Currently, social media is very powerful in many aspects. Therefore, you can search for some Canadian groups where local employers post their job vacancies, and you can directly contact them through social media. This way, you can approach them for job offers.

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