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Google Adsense Now World famous Recently Google Adsense can latest Adsense account update So today I will teach you what is the latest Adsense account update.

Google Adsense

Millions of people can use Adsense account and Now Adsense account will be king of internet bloggers. So Recently Google Adsense will be the latest update

  • Now your website will be approved by Adsense. (ex: You can create your new blog many times you can create any blog on any website and You can monetize your website or blog. But now Adsense after the update you can not Monetize your blog or website because now Adsense will be so much attention.


  • Now you can not use any CopyRight Content. ( ex: Many bloggers can copy any content and then link Adsense account and these people will earn much money about Adsense. So that’s why Adsense will be updated now


Why Google Adsense Account update

Because Many People can use viral scripts and Earn so much Money From Google Many bloggers can do Event Blogging and Earn so Much Money. Google can not think about ke Why peoples can earn lots of money. Because many people can do illegal things can many companies can give ads to Google and ads will be waste. Companies will be in lost by business with Google.

Thats why google do this

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