How to immigrate to Canada from Pakistan?

How to immigrate to Canada from Pakistan?

Friends this is just a normal guide that will tell you how you can immigrate to Canada from Pakistan. To get started, Before I tell you all, there are a few things you need to know about Canada. Canada ranks as the tenth-largest economy in the world.

The education of this country is also brought to the world’s best education. The colleges and universities within Canada are also considered the best in the world. It is the only country that is an identity for its immigrants. This country gives its permanent residency to millions of people every year. And so far there is no country that has allowed such a large number of new immigrants to come. At the same time, the country allows people from all cultures to come. This country invites people from all cultures and religions.

There are also many Pakistanis in this country who are Muslims. And they say that this country is very safe. And a lot of people dream of going there and settling down. Canada is a country that provides settlement plans. And a lot of people come to Seattle every year.

Let’s get to the topic of how to immigrate to Canada from Pakistan?

How to immigrate to Canada from Pakistan?

If you want to immigrate to Canada from Pakistan, there are many ways.

Right now I’m going to tell you that there are some ways:

  1. Express Entry
  2. Provincial Nominee Program
  3. Student visa
  4. Visitor visa

Here are four ways you can immigrate to Canada from Pakistan. Now I will explain to you in a very short way about these ways. That’s why you have to figure out which way is best for you.

Express Entry:

So first let’s talk about Canada’s express entry program. Friends, this is a great program in Canada that attracts millions of people every year. This program depends on the point system. This means that you are awarded points in this program. If your points are completed according to the Eligibility of this program, then you can apply to this Program.

Now on what basis are points awarded in this program?

Now let’s talk about what things give you points for showing.

  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Age
  • Language ability

If you want, you can also remotely check if you have Eligible for this program. Click Here

Now after taking points. You must create your profile in Express Entry Portal and then submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).  And then wait for a few weeks. Now, whenever the express Entry draws conduct by IRCC.  And if you are selected in the Express Entry pool. so Canada IRCC sends you an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and after you will apply for Canada PR.

Now let’s talk about the next way for immigrate to Canada from Pakistan is Provincial Nominee Program.

Provincial Nominee Program

A Provincial Nominee Program is a program in Canada that is mostly applied by people who are not eligible for Canada Express Entry Program. That’s why because in Canada’s express entry program, a lot of required CRS scores.  Now those whose CRS Score is not able to make much, then apply to the Provincial Nominee Program.  A Provincial Nominee Program Every province has its own program. And every province has its own requirements. The Provincial Nominee Program of some provinces is easy and some is a bit difficult. Now you have to see for yourself which Provincial Nominee Program is best for you.

And inside this also the same process is there that you have to gain points according to the requirement and after that, you have to submit the EOI if you get selected inside the pool then Canada IRCC sent you an invitation to apply in this Program.  After that, you are given 600 points in the profile of your Express Entry. and you become eligible to apply for express entry.

Student visa

Now let’s talk about student visas. A student visa is a valid visa that can give you access to any major country. And Canada is such a country that always gives the first priority to the students.  Now let’s talk about how you can immigrate to Canada on a student visa.

First of all, it is very important for you to know this thing, for a Canada study visa, you will need a lot of investment.  Because getting an education in a country like Canada is very expensive.

Now to take this study visa, you have to take admission to a good university or college. After your admission, you can now apply for a Canada Student Visa. The better your college or University, the more chances you have of getting a student visa.

After getting a student visa you can go to Canada to study. And then you can also do a part-time job there. Which will make it easier for you to pay for your college or university fees. Then after your education is complete you can apply for Canada PR.

Visitor visa

Now let’s talk about visitor visas.  Canada Visitor Visa is the best visa that can help you settle in Canada. how are they talking about him now?

Friend, first of all, you have to see the requirement of visitor visa if you get visitor visa then after that now you can go to Canada very easily after going to Canada you have to do a job search there now on visitor visa you give job interview can And if you clear in a job interview then you will get a job and after that, you can convert your visitor visa into a work permit.

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