Jumma Biryani in Pakistani Street Food Karachi.

Jumma Biryani in Pakistani Street Food Karachi.

In today’s Topic, we are going to talk about Karachi’s most famous biryani is Jumma biryani. you will find many such biryanis in Karachi. Yet that’s why people come from far and wide to eat this biryani. may have noticed that a lot of biryani has a similar taste, but the test of this biryani is different from every other biryani. And that’s the reason for this biryani, so much popular in Karachi. The main reason for this biryani to be famous is that this biryani you will get to eat it only on Fridays only.

One of the famous versions of this biryani is that this biryani is served to you in a different way.  You must have seen everywhere that when you have a biryani, it is served on a plate or in a bowl. But this biryani is served in a very frontal way like a thal. Which makes this biryani the most special.


How is the Jumma biryani tested?

Now let’s talk about how this biryani is tested. First of all, this Jumma biryani is made from meat only. Which makes this biryani taste very good. The test of this biryani is a bit difficult to explain but yes I can tell you one hundred percent that once you try this biryani you will definitely go next time.

Now let’s talk about the address and the timing of when it happens:

Timing: After Friday Namaz of Jummah.  The important thing I can tell you is that whenever you go to eat this biryani, take the time to spend a lot of time because you will see a lot of lines here.

Address: Bambino Cinema, Nearby Saddar Mobile Market Karachi.


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