Monetization Latest Update 2019 || YouTube Start Enabling Monetization


Monetization Latest Update 2019 || YouTube Start Enabling Monetization 2019

Monetization Latest Update 2019 There is a few updates from YouTube. Few for Community Tab and one for Monetilzation so her we started. There is a many updates for Community Tab but 2 updates are most important for YouTubers.

1.Community Tab Update

This is updates so much amazing. Before this update you can post your video, post some questions, images, and Poll. but after this update you can post your video playlist and now you can share your vidoes Globally.

Globally ? yes i say Global There is next update

2.Community Tab Update

OMG Update before this update you can share images, video only for your subscribers but now you can share your videos Globally Its ture. But Now This update Will Appear in Computer. Not for Mobile 🙁 But Don’t worry Mobile update also Coming Soon.

Next Update For YouTube Monetilzation her we started.

3.YouTube Start Enabling Monetization 2019

YouTube give a update for Monetilzation. All channels can monetize before 2019. and now YouTube Also Inform you on your email. Before this update many creators can email YouTube and YouTube can not response every one many channels can review 2nd or 3nd time but after this update YouTube Inform all your info from YouTube Monetilzation review. if your channel not accept for monetize so YouTube can inform you with all details why your channel can not monetize what the problem.

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Monetization Latest Update || YouTube Start Enabling Monetization 2019 Hindi




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