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Discover 24 Nigeria Free Visa Countries for Nigerian Citizens in 2023 According to the latest 2023 report from, Nigeria’s passport has a global rank of 87, an individual rank of 183, and a mobility score of 54. This means that Nigerian citizens can travel visa-free to a total of 24 countries around the world. However, if a Nigerian citizen wishes to travel to a country other than these 24, they will need to apply for a visa before they can travel to that country.

Where Can Nigerian Citizens Travel Without a Visa?

As of Report 2023, Nigerian passport holders have the privilege to travel to 24 countries and territories without the need for a visa.

Nigeria Free Visa Countries ListDuration
Barbadosvisa-free/180 days
Beninvisa-free/90 days
Burkina Fasovisa-free
Cameroonvisa-free/90 days
Cape Verdevisa-free (EASE)
Chadvisa-free/90 days
Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)visa-free/90 days
Dominicavisa-free/180 days
Fijivisa-free/120 days
Gambiavisa-free/90 days
Haitivisa-free/90 days
Micronesiavisa-free/30 days
Saint Kitts and Nevisvisa-free/90 days
Senegalvisa-free/90 days
Sierra Leonevisa-free
Surinamevisa-free/90 days
Vanuatuvisa-free/30 days

Just because countries are visa-free for Nigerian citizens, it does not mean that you can simply pack your bags and go. It is essential to have a valid passport, which should be valid for at least six months before your departure date. Additionally, health insurance may be a requirement for entry into the country you are visiting. Be sure to check the specific requirements of the country you plan to visit before you go.

Which Countries Offer Visa on Arrival to Nigerian Passport Holders?

Many people search for Nigeria Free Visa Countries, but if you are a Nigerian citizen, you should know which countries offer visa on arrival. There are 18 such countries, and the list is mentioned below.

Nigeria Visa on Arrival ListDuration
Angolapre-visa on arrival
Boliviavisa on arrival / eVisa/90 days
Burundivisa on arrival/30 days
Cambodiavisa on arrival / eVisa/30 days
Comorosvisa on arrival/45 days
Lebanonvisa on arrival/30 days
Madagascarvisa on arrival / eVisa/90 days
Maldivesvisa on arrival/30 days
Mauritaniavisa on arrival
Mauritiusvisa on arrival/14 days
Mozambiquevisa on arrival / eVisa/30 days
Namibiavisa on arrival/90 days
Palauvisa on arrival/30 days
Rwandavisa on arrival / eVisa/30 days
Samoavisa on arrival/90 days
Somaliavisa on arrival/30 days
Timor-Lestevisa on arrival/30 days
Tuvaluvisa on arrival/30 days

After you enter a visa on arrival country, you can obtain the visa at a separate section in most airports. You will need to go there and submit your application, and then you can get your visa on arrival.

Which countries do not allow Nigerian citizens to enter their country?

There is no country that does not allow Nigerian citizens to enter their country. However, Azerbaijan has temporarily banned Nigerian citizens from entering due to COVID-19.

Which countries issue eVisa to Nigerian citizens?

Many people search for Nigeria Free Visa Countries, but if you are a Nigerian citizen, you should know which Countries give you eVisa. There are 16 countries that issue e-visas to Nigerian citizens. and the list is mentioned below.

Nigeria E-Visa ListDuration
Boliviavisa on arrival / eVisa/90 days
Cambodiavisa on arrival / eVisa/30 days
Congo (Dem. Rep.)eVisa/90 days
EthiopiaeVisa/90 days
GaboneVisa/90 days
IraneVisa/30 days
KenyaeVisa/90 days
LesothoeVisa/14 days
Madagascarvisa on arrival / eVisa/90 days
MalawieVisa/90 days
MalaysiaeVisa/14 days
Mozambiquevisa on arrival / eVisa/30 days
Rwandavisa on arrival / eVisa/30 days
South SudaneVisa

Now let’s talk about how Nigerian citizens can obtain an e-visa. The process for applying for an e-visa is similar to that of a regular visa, but Nigerian citizens do not need to visit visa centers. They can easily apply for e-visas online for all countries that offer them. Payments can also be made online.

After your e-visa application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email. Then, you will need to print out all your documents and go to the border with them. Even though your visa is registered online, sometimes an officer may ask you to provide physical documents, so it is important to always keep a copy of all your documents with you.

Which Countries Require a visa for Nigerian Citizens to Obtain a Visa?

There are some countries where Nigerian citizens can travel without a visa, such as Nigeria Free Visa Countries, E-visa Countries, or Visa on Arrival Countries. However, for the countries that are not in these categories, Nigerian citizens must obtain a visa before traveling. In total, there are 144 countries that require Nigerian citizens to obtain a visa in order to travel there. The list is mentioned below.

AfghanistanGuatemalaPapua New Guinea
AndorraHong KongPhilippines
Antigua and BarbudaHungaryPoland
AustriaIraqRussian Federation
AzerbaijanIrelandSaint Lucia
BahamasIsraelSan Marino
BahrainItalySao Tome and Principe
BangladeshJamaicaSaudi Arabia
Bosnia and HerzegovinaKosovoSolomon Islands
BotswanaKuwaitSouth Africa
BrazilKyrgyzstanSouth Korea
BulgariaLatviaSri Lanka
CanadaLibyaSt. Vincent and the Grenadines
Central African RepublicLiechtensteinSudan
Costa RicaMarshall IslandsTajikistan
Czech RepublicMongoliaTrinidad and Tobago
Dominican RepublicMoroccoTurkmenistan
EcuadorMyanmar [Burma]Türkiye
El SalvadorNepalUnited Arab Emirates
Equatorial GuineaNetherlandsUnited Kingdom
EritreaNew ZealandUnited States of America
EswatiniNorth KoreaUzbekistan
FinlandNorth MacedoniaVatican City
GeorgiaOmanViet Nam
GreecePalestinian TerritoriesZambia

If you want to apply for a visa to travel to those countries, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, you need to book an appointment at the visa center. You can visit your local visa application center, which is usually located near your home. After that, you may have to wait for a few months to get an appointment for a meeting at the embassy or consulate.
  2. To ensure that your visa application is successful, you need to prepare all the necessary documents, including your passport, application form, health insurance, and other relevant papers. Additionally, some of these documents may need to be verified with an apostille stamp or certified by a foreign office.
  3. After preparing your required documents, you can submit your visa application and attend the visa interview. You may also need to submit your biometrics. If your documents need to be translated and verified with an apostille stamp by the embassy or consulate, ensure to do so before submission. The visa application decision can take several weeks to process.

Please note that if you have a valid visa for a Big country, there are several countries that allow visa-free entry based on that valid visa. This means that you may not need to apply for a separate visa.

What Documents are Required for Nigerian Citizens to Apply for a Visa?

Typically, the visa application requirements for Nigerian citizens are the same as for other applicants. However, it may depend on the country where the visa is being applied for, as some countries may have additional requirements specifically for Nigerian citizens. Therefore, it is important to check and fulfill any additional requirements before submitting the visa application. The normal documents list is mentioned below.

  1. A valid Nigerian passport that will be valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel.
  2. A completed visa application form.
  3. Two passport-sized photos with a white background, taken within the last 6 months.
  4. Travel insurance that covers the entire duration of your stay in the country you are visiting.
  5. A travel plan that includes details about where you will be visiting in the country.
  6. If you have been invited by someone in the country you are visiting, you should attach the invitation letter to your application.
  7. A return air ticket.
  8. Proof of funds, such as a bank statement for the past 6 months. This is required by many countries to prove that you have sufficient funds to cover your stay. If there is no specific fund requirement for the country you are visiting, you should still have a good balance in your bank account to show the visa officer that you have the means to stay there.
  9. Additional documents, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, and criminal certificates, may be required to prove that you will return to your home country.

I hope you found this article helpful and that all your questions have been answered. Please visit more opportunities.

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