Work in Hungary – How To Get A Job in Hungary?


As of late, Finance Ministry of Hungary has declared that 57000 work grants will be given to subject of Non-European nations in 2019. 11000 work licenses were issued in 2018 and 9300 work grant were issued in 2017. Hungarian government has expanded quantity of stir allows up to 57000 for 2019 to get increasingly outside laborers from non-european nations. This news has been Published by State News MTI after authority see distributed in authority diary Hivatalos Értesítő. This quantity is particularly determined for native of non-european nations which implies subject of Pakistan, Indian, Bangladesh or other non-eu nations can apply. Expanded quantity implies more odds of work visas and settlement.

Hungary in an individual from European Union and Schengen nations, so it issues schengen visa. You can go to all other schengen nations without visa on the off chance that you have Hungary visa. In any case, this visa free section is just for visit reason, you are not be permitted to work in some other schengen nation.

German News Deutsche Welle Agency had recently distributed reports that Hungary is confronting work deficiency. Furthermore, needs outside works in pretty much every employment field particularly Agriculture, Manufacturing, development, nursing, driver and so forth. Other than referenced occupation fields, you can apply work visa in any segment. Because of this reality, Hungary increment its yearly amount of work allows with the goal that more outsiders may get work visas. Then again Hungary government is expanding the base wages in the nation to pull in more outsiders to come to Hungary for work.

No Ielts:

Language of Hungary is “Hungarian” so you do not need IELTS for Hungary work visa but despite this, You can find english jobs in big cities of Hungary.

Work Permit Application Process:

Hungary work Permit can be obtained in following major steps:

Step #1, Find Job in Hungary:

You need to find an employer/company who is willing to give you job in Hungary. Job offer/job contract is first and foremost requirement for work visa.

How to Get a Job?

There are many online job search websites where you can try to find jobs in Hungary. I am going to share a list online job search websites which have good reputation. All you have to visit these websites and create a free account. And upload or create your CV/Resume to online job search websites. Once you have completed this step, you can start search for a job in Hungary. Here is list of best online job search websites:

Indeed Hungary jobs: Highly trusted and best reputed website which is offering services globally.

Monster Hungary jobs: Same as Indeed Monster is also best place to start job search in Hungary.

BudaPest Jobs: Budpest is capital city of Hungary, this site is Hungary based website and contains most of the Hungary Job vacancies.

LinkedIn Hungary Jobs: We strongly suggest this social platform to see a latest jobs list in Hungary and make an engagement with Hungarian Employers.

CareerJet Hungary Job Search : It is also very old and reputed website. Good place to start job search.

Allas jobs : It is also Hungary based website which is offering services for foreigners and local people.

Job Line Hungary: Hungary based website which have full list of all latest job vacancies. 

You can try these websites to find job in Hungary. However, you can search a list of companies located in Hungary through google and them simply visit websites of company to contact them if they need workers from abroad. It is also good way to find job in Hungary.

Some recruitment agencies working in Hungary also offer job search services but they may demand some heavy fee for this which may be risky.

Step 2 Advertisement of Job:

If you are successful in finding employer/company who is willing to give you job, your employer have to advertise this job with Hungarian labor department for up to 15 days or a period specified by the government. It is just to ensure that there is no local Hungarian citizen available for this job, actually to give priority to local citizens for jobs.

Step 3 Application for Work Permit in Hungary:

After getting approval from Hungarian Labor department, your employer have to apply for work permit for you. Employer have to make a job contract with you before this step. Work permit application process may take ten to fifteen days or more. Once your employer gets this work permit, he have to send it to you.

Step 4 Apply Work Visa in Embassy:

it is final step of Hungary work visa. Once your employer obtains the work permit approval from Hungarian government, he have to send it to you. After receiving this approval, you can apply for hungary work visa at Hungary embassy or Consulate in Your country.

What type of documents do you need? It depends on your country where you are applying from. The duration of work visa depends on the length of job contract.

Hungary Government Websites:

Hungary Asylum and Immigration Website


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