YouTube Delete All Channels #SaveYourInternet #ArticleNo13


YouTube Delete All Channels #SaveYourInternet #ArticleNo13

Many People can say this YouTube Can Delete all videos and Channels why YouTube can do this. YouTube Can billions of channels and billions of videos. Why you YouTube Delete all channels and videos.

What is Save Your internet ?

YouTube can tell Every YouTuber and every Creators. Do this Means YouTube Can Tell Make a Video On Save Your Internet Hashtag This is Proper Hashtag like this #saveyourinternet I will explain You Why this was started.

Now What is Article No 13 ?

Article Number 13 Was Law of European Government. European Government was Apply This Law That’s Why YouTube Can tell Every YouTuber Make Your Video About Delete all Channels and All Videos By Article Number 13. I will Explain You

Now Explain You All Things

European Government was start this Law and Bannad All Google Images Copied Right Content. Example You Can use any google image on Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, and many More Social Sites So European Government was Blocked It. Becuase Article number 13 its Copied Right LAW.

So Now European Government was Forced YouTube To Delete All Videos Any One Can use Google images.

So you can think about it How to Delete Billions of Videos Its not a possible.

So YouTube Can Delete All Channels Any one can use copied right Images.

YouTube Can Tell Her Fans and Creators Please Make the video about European Government Because This is wrong and Give the Hashtag on Your videos #saveyourinternet #article13

YouTube Delete All Channels Explain Video





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